We help people connect through their common ground.

Marker was founded on the belief that people make places remarkable: the friends who fill a space with laughter, the author who transports readers to a new and exciting locale, the server who greets you with a smile. We’re building a community for people to share places they love with people they care about, so their voices can be your personal guide anywhere in the world.

The Team

Michael Molesky

Michael is passionate about ways people can enrich each others' cultural lives and their cities, as both grow and change. He brings an operational mind from building technology companies like LiveRail; a philosophical mind from years of essay-writing (and intense discussions at the pub) at Oxford University; and a curious mind that drives him to explore the street corner ahead as much as the ends of the earth.

Jordan Moncharmont

Jordan is a software engineer who came to Marker by way of Stanford, Facebook and Tesla Motors. He has always been interested in how communities and technology interact to solve the world's problems.